►You can use the card to buy thing in some of the department stores. Hello! Beijing Subway Line 5 Lishuiqiao, Yonghegong Lama Temple, Dongdan, Songjiazhuang. Prices for the Beijing metro start low, and don’t get much higher so you can get around and explore the city on the cheap. The Beijing Municipal Administration and Communications Card, more commonly known as the Yikatong or transportation smart card, is a store-value contactless smart card used in Beijing for public transportation and related uses. The purchase office is located in transport platform in the east of the north square in the railway station. Appliers need bring their ID card or passport to the designated sites to apply for a Beijing Transportation Smart Card. Tap Add Card. It was founded on October 1, 1969, making it the first metro system in the People’s Republic of China. If you stay in Beijing for a longer period, it is advisable to buy Yikatong card.1) You may buy a single ride ticket through automated machines which take coins and small bills. The first train —— The last train —— Beijing metro card. People just have to swipe or touch the card over the he Octopus reader when they use it. When passengers transfer the Airport Express Line from other subway lines, they should swipe the card again. Select an amount to put on your transit card. The Beijing Municipal Administration & Communication Card (Chinese: 北京市政交通一卡通; pinyin: Běijīng Shìzhèng jiāotōng Yīkǎtōng), more commonly known as the Yikatong (literally One-card pass), is a stored-value contactless smart card used in Beijing, China, for public transportation and related uses. That means the card to be returned should be in good appearance with no scratches, no fracture, no punching, no bending, no pasting etc. The card will pay off especially to those who will be in Beijing for a long time. You do have to worry that you do not have enough RMB while shopping. The key factor for returning "One Card Pass" successfully is to keep the card in good condition. Take a 5 – 7 days travel itinerary plan for a example, if travelers take the subway as transport means during these days, it will be enough by charging 50 yuan in the card. It can also be used on buses, some taxis, the Airport Express Line, and more. or you may buy it at the ticketing windows. You pay a small deposit (20 yuan) and put money on the card in increments of 20, 50 or 100 yuan. Registration is free and takes only a few minutes. Where to buy "One Card Pass" It's very handy to have the card if you plan on using the subway a lot. There is a 20 RMB deposit and charge at the same time. Beijing Metro has now been integrated with Apple's Wallet app, but note that while you can add the card to your Apple Wallet, you need a credit card from China to charge it. If i want 2 airport travel passes and 1 week metro pass to visit the beijing, how much should i top up the metro card when arriving the airport? ►More travel information: Beijing Travel Guide & Beijing Transportation Subway is always a preferred transportation means for its fast speed and reasonable price and you needn’t worry … Beijing Subway ( or Beijing Metro) is a rapid transit rail network that serves the urban and suburban districts of Beijing municipality. ►Beijing West Railway Station: passengers can purchase the card when he exits from the railway station. Get METRO card Join us It's also a great place to person-watch. Appliers without ID card or passport cannot apply a card but can rent one. Download Beijing metro map 2020 in PD F Beijing Subway tips and facts. And the passengers can purchase the One Card Pass at the entrance of the subway station. It can be bought and topped-up at the Customer Service Center of all subway stations. Beijing subway system is the second longest subway network in the world after the Shanghai subway. And "One Card Pass" can also be used for the payment of public phones, movie theatres, department stores, drugstores, taxi, etc. When you recharge the card, the amount of the money should be 10 yuan or the multiples of 10. They should swipe the card when they pay for the productions. Follow the instructions to create a new card. Travelers should return the card after their sightseeing in the last day in Beijing. Alipay and WeChat wallet have now been accepted as a method of payment for subway cards in some Beijing metro stations. Quick Facts about the Beijing Subway. Beijing Transportation Smart Card, aka Yikatong Card is applicable for city buses, all subway lines, Airport Express Train, S2 trains, taxis, and public bicycles. For buses that charge according to the distance, passengers should swipe the card when they get on and get off the buses. metro, bus, taxi, ferries, etc.). Regular users should buy extra tickets or load up a prepaid swipe card, because rush hour ticket and swipe card update queues can be nightmarishly long. ; Subway line names: Some lines are given numbers and others are named after their terminus stations. If you're using a China T-Union or Shanghai transit card, you will be charged an additional, 20 RMB refundable deposit. Using "One Card Pass" in Beijing can save time for people to queue up to buy the tickets, such as the subway ticket, public bus tickets etc. It is recommended that passengers can buy one-way subway ticket and take the subway to the destination. I saw 1 week metro card is cheaper than single rides, so should i ask the cashier to load 42 trips (1 week card)? Beijing Airport Express Terminal 3 of Beijing Capital Airport. Pinggu 2020Beijing Municipality, Copyright © 2002-2020 www.visitbeijing.com.cn, All Rights Reserved. Tap Continue. How to use "One Card Pass" When he exits from the station, he can purchase the card. Beijing has more than 170 sites, which are located at the ticket offices of every Beijing metro stations, some bus stations and some super markets. 100028 B - Beijing Jingshun store 010-84556888 service@metro.com.cn. ►Beijing South Railway Station: passengers do not have to exit the railway station. ►Recommended Beijing Tour: 4 Days Best Beijing Tour (Attractions: Tian'anmen Square, the Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven, Mutianyu Great Wall, Changling Tomb), 2 Days Great Wall Trekking from Jinshanling to Simatai, 3 Days Hike the Great Wall around Beijing, Beijing-Shanghai High-speed Train Schedule. 6. Beijing Subway Line 8 Beitucheng. 6km or less: 3RMB. When you are swiping the card, the amount taken and the remaining value will be presented after each transaction, so you know when the time to top up the card is. Beijing Railway Station: passengers can not purchase the card in the subway station inside the railway station. 70 yuan+20 deposit? No certificate or license is needed for buying the card, and 20 yuan deposit shall be paid for the card. ►For subway: passengers should swipe the card at the entrance barrier and once again at the exit barrier (destination station), except for taking the Airport Express Line. It is easily accessible by subway, bus and taxi.-Train: The Airport Express train connects the terminals 2 and 3 of the airport to Dongzhimen subway station (metro lines 2 and 13). The first train 5:10 The last train 22:55 SIHUI East—PINGGUOYUAN. Signage is clear, announcements in Chinese and clear English. All fares on the Beijing subway are now a flat RMB 2, regardless of destination (with the exception of the soon-to-open airport line). 12-22km: 6RMB. Beijing's "One Card Pass" is a kind of contactless IC card. The Beijing subway system is the best I've encountered. When entering the metro for the first time you have one of two choices: Get a single use ticket from the automatic kiosks you will see, OR approach a person at a ticket window, give them some money and get a multi use metro card (this card also works on the buses) Be sure to give them more than 20RMB because there is a 20rmb fee when you first get the card. Whether you’re making the most of your visa-free transit period or you’re looking to spend a considerable amount of time here, this jam-packed Beijing itinerary will introduce you into China’s crazy capital and show you the best bits! Beijing subway includes 22 metro lines and an airport express line, linking local airport, train stations, most famous attractions such as Forbidden City and city center together. But as for the transportation vehicles, different vehicles require different way to use it. Look for an info booth at the local station and buy a Yikatong card (just like London's Oyster card). Related Information: The fare prices changes according to the distance. Beijing Subway Map – Updated Map of Beijing Metro Lines 2020/2021 Constructed with developed transportation system, Beijing is very convenient to travel. How to Use Your Phone as a Subway Card by Lenny Chen, TBC Chinese Roommate & Marketing Communications Intern Conveying an average of over 12 million passengers on a daily basis, the subway system of Beijing is quite literally the veins of the city. Users complete the payment process by putting the card in the induction zone of the card reader. Passengers can not return the card at the railway stations and subways stations. The deposit of CNY100 suffices for one-week stay. In China mainland, you might be required to create or update a 6-digit passcode. ►Beijing International Airport: passengers can purchase the card at the ticket office of the Airport Express Line. By 2020, most of the country will be integrated into the new system, and the card is planned to cover all types of public transportation (i.e. The earliest implementation of the system came in 2015, when a transportation card was issued to connect Beijing… The Metro. Beijing is a fantastic city – full of traditional culture and history, loaded with modern lifestyles and technology. All-purpose Card (public transportation card)How can I buy an all-purpose card? Beijing's subway card – Yikatong – was born in 2006 and can also be used on buses and even in some shops. They can enter the subway station inside the railway station. You can check with your transit agency to see which devices are compatible with your transit card. The card can be top-up and used repeatedly. Beijing's "One Card Pass" is a kind of contactless IC card. The Beijing Transportation Smart Card, more commonly known as the Yikatong (/ee-kaa-tong/ 一卡通literally means ‘one card pass’), was first issued in May 2006. Beijing Subway Line 13 Dongzhimen. Beijing Subway Line 10 Shaoyaoju, Zhichunlu. You get the card once you pay. The subway's first line opened in 1971, and the network now has 9 lines, 147 stations and 228 km of tracks in operation and delivers over 4 million rides per day. When the card is returned, the deposit and the remaining money will be returned to the card holder. Sixteen "new-generation" subway card vending machines have been placed in eight Beijing subway stations (Guomao and Yonganli on Line 1, Qingnianlu on Line 6, Guangqumennei on Line 7, Fengtai Technology Park on Line 9, Shoujingmao on Line 10, Beishatan … And there is no limit for the number of the card applied. If the card is over drafted, the card holder should pay for the overdraft money first before he returns the card. ►For making payment in the store: travelers can use the card to buy film tickets, to buy things in the stores etc. Fifteen percent of the 10 million daily passengers on the Beijing Metro pay their admission using a one-way fare, signifying that some 700,000 people wait in lines up to half an hour to purchase tickets. How to return "One Card Pass" Beijing Metro Map: Ticket Prices. Beijing Metro. Using "One Card Pass" in Beijing can save time for people to queue up to buy the tickets, such as the subway ticket, public bus tickets etc. By route length in operation, the Beijing Subway is the world's longest metro system. 6-12km: 4RMB. Passengers can purchase cards in a time no matter how many they want. ►You do not have to spend time buying a single journey ticket at Ticket Issuing Machines, or counting the exact amount of coins on buses and trams. 32km+: +2RMB for every additional 20km. The cards are available at the Customer Service Center of every metro station. ► For Bus: for buses of fixed ticket price, passenger should swipe the card when they get on and no need to swipe again when they get off. In addition, passengers can enjoy a forty percent discount when take public buses. ; By the end of 2019, the Beijing Subway will be equipped with automatic ticket machines that can scan smartphones for payment. Users complete the payment process by putting the card in the induction zone of the card reader. Beijing Subway Fares. The card that has a large remaining sum should be returned at specified card office. In addition, passengers can enjoy a forty percent discount when take public buses. Because of Beijing's congestion problems, the subway is often the quickest way to get around. Buy a subway ticket You may buy a single-ride ticket or use a Beijing Transportation (Yikatong) Card, similar to the oyster cards in UK. At the end of your time you can return the card and get the refund and any remaining balance returned. Beijing's metro system is cheap, but extremely crowded during the rush hour. The Beijing Metro is the most important means of transportation in this Chinese capital. China's advancement towards a walletless society took another step forward with the news that passengers can now ride the Beijing Metro just by swiping their phones.. READ: Tech Check: Beijing is Quickly Becoming a Cashless City As of yesterday, Beijing commuters can now store funds and pay their way onto the city's public transportation services using their phone instead of a transportation card. The cards are sold at all subway stations of Beijing. Travelers should ask the staff in the hotel or other people to know where to return the card. Beijing has one of the largest subway network in the world. The Beijing Subway is the world’s second-largest subway system by route and length, following the Shanghai Metro. And a 20 RMB minimum for your first charge is needed. in addition, the remaining sum should be less than 100 yuan. Applicability: The card can be used on Beijing city buses and buses to the suburban districts and counties such as Shunyi, Fangshan, Huairou, Daxing, Changping, Mentougou districts and Yanqing, Miyun and Pinggu. With 3.8484 billion trips delivered in 2018, an average of 10.544 million trips per day, the Beijing Subway is the world's busiest metro system. So, if you are just traveling, you still need to go through the above method. But before you applying for the card, you’d better ask the staff in the subway station for information to avid any trouble. Benefit of using "One Card Pass"

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