Like so many creative connections these days, I first connected with designer Tracey-Renee when she DM'ed the @britandco IG account and we featured her work in a story roundup of BIPOC makers. Sometimes to get something done right, you have to do it yourself. Its great to use, but if I have leggy plants to … 11 Beautiful DIY Bulletin Boards, 5 Steps to Create a Vision Board for the Life You Want to Build, This Jewelry Designer Infuses ‘90s Hip Hop, Caribbean Spice + Vibrant Hues into Everything She Makes, 24 Easy Tiny Finger Food Recipe Ideas You Can Serve on a Toothpick, 30 Low-Carb Dinner Recipes You Can Make in an Hour (or Less! Plastic pots are fine. Qu'elles soient suspendues, posées simplement sur une étagère, dans un gros pot, dans un terrarium...on les aime toutes mais on a parfois du mal à les entretenir notamment lors des grandes vacances.Et si on se simplifiait la vie en optant pour des plantes en papier ? The Glowforge can make millions of things and I'm excited about trying new design ideas in the future. The patterned leaves though do call to mind my favorite summer treat! . With that being said my paint brushes, needle & thread and jeweler's saw are always within close reach. How to Make DIY Paper Succulents: String of Pearls. Hi, I’m Corrie and I’m excited to be sharing how to make paper plants with ya’ll today! This fantastic DIY gardening bench is not only is useful but also is the featured space to grow a small plant that makes it look beautiful too. DIY paper plant: watermelon peperomia. Here all these paper plane projects will make the fantastic DIY rainy day crafts when kids can’t go outside but can stay indoor to have fun with the family and siblings! That role really opened my eyes to the power of messaging and visual communication tools which ultimately led to me returning to school to study digital design and multimedia arts. Anjelika Temple: Before we get into learning all about your creative inspiration, tell us a little about your background. I loved the left brain/right brain mix of processing all the data and scientific information and then finding creative ways to relay that information to doctors and health care providers. Je m'abonne pour lire tous les magazines en ligne et accéder à plus de 4 000 tutoriels. DIY Lace Flowers. My kids love cutting, it’s a great skill for young kids to use, and perfect! Anj: Did you always know that you wanted to be a professional artist/creative? DIY Interior. Paint the paper plant bags Squeeze out a little paint and grab a lunch sack. I’ve been wanting to create some paper plants for my house for ages now. It's organized enough so that I can be efficient with the administrative parts of my business like: inventory management, packing and shipping. Make it up using some common craft materials following this tutorial. Scotchbonnet jewelry has been described as "conversation starters" and I love the fact that they connect people and get them to start conversing. Whether you don’t have enough natural light, your pets keep knocking over your pots, or you’re just too busy traveling to worry about watering, these 20 DIY paper plants will give you the indoor garden of your dreams. 2 comments. DIY Garden Bench … Une fois que vous aurez compris le principe, vous pourrez vous amuser à décliner la technique en réalisant plusieurs modèles de plantes afin de compléter votre collection. These would be great little hostess or teacher gifts. Add interest to a boring planter pot by converting it into a paper mache planter. You put a lot of time and love into tending your flowers, shouldn’t the pots you display them in be beautiful too? So here we have brought you these 30 DIY paper flowers that you can enjoy to create some adorable and cute paper flowers of your own. Yep, lots of cheese and cows. DIY Happy Cactus Paper Plants – Materials: – Colored cardstock – Scissors – Glue (we like this paper glue) – Crafty items like mini pom poms, scraps of tissue paper – Free Printable Cactus Plants and Pots (option of pre-printed designs also available) Instructions: (watch the video above for details on how to make or follow below). See more ideas about flower tutorial, mini plants, miniatures tutorials. I think that now is a really exciting time for creatives. A few weeks later, she applied and won a scholarship to our first session of the Selfmade program where Brit and I both had the privilege of mentoring and working with Tracey-Renee on her brand, her business plan, and her mission. Anj: What do you love about making things? Library. I love how bright and cheerful they look! It was about the college experience at a fictitious HBCU (Historically Black College/University) called Hillman College. It’s tragic really. Vous pourrez ainsi réaliser un centre de table végétal pour une décoration de table naturelle, une couronne printanière avec des branchages d'eucalyptus en papier, des cactus en papier pour une décoration Kinfolk ou encore des plantes exotiques pour suivre la nouvelle tendance "Jungle" que l'on voit partout. On a la solution pour vous : les plantes en papier. A la rédac, on aime mélanger les plantes en papier avec les vraies plantes pour un effet trompe l’œil. It's creative enough so that it still feels inspiring, and it's tidy enough that it doesn't feel overwhelming to sit down and start working. Tracey-Renee: My first "real job" was in pharmaceutical sales and marketing. Green-fingered or not, paper plants are the perfect DIY for anyone looking to spruce up their home with some lush greenery. This paper string of pearls plant would be such a nice housewarming gift, don’t you think? June 8, 2016. Anj: Like so many artists, you've got a day job in addition to your creative hustle. All you need to do is- fold a paper, draw a pattern (this is the tricky and exciting part!) Cut a slit in each circle and use your glue stick (I like UHU stic) to create a shallow bowl by overlapping and gluing one side of the circle on the other. DIY Paper Plants — Don’t have a green thumb? By Brittany. Téléchargez le PDF et réalisez ce modèle à la maison. I am excited about elevating those conversations by creating capsule collections connected to social causes; that way the chat can go beyond just "cute earrings, where'd you get them?". The most recent addition to my studio is my Glowforge Pro 3D laser printer; it is a game changer! Anj: When you get creatively blocked or burnt out, how do you reset? Selfmade also provided me with a vibrant, uplifting community of founders, entrepreneurs and go-getters. Watching that show inspired me to go to Florida A&M University (an HBCU) where I received a BS in Business Management and an MBA. Retrouvez le tutoriel sur thehousethatlarsbuilt, Retrouvez le tutoriel sur, Retrouvez le tutoriel sur, Retrouvez le tutoriel sur, Retrouvez le tutoriel sur, Retrouvez le tutoriel sur, Retrouvez le tutoriel sur, Retrouvez le tutoriel sur, Retrouvez le tutoriel sur, Retrouvez le tutoriel sur, Inspirez vous de cette jolie de centre de table fleurie repérée sur, Retrouvez le tutoriel sur, Retrouvez le tutoriel sur, Retrouvez le tutoriel sur, Retrouvez le tutoriel sur, Toute l'actu Marie Claire, directement dans votre boîte mail. Paper Mache Planter. Whether you don’t have enough natural light, your pets keep knocking over your pots, or you’re just too busy traveling to worry about watering, these 20 DIY paper plants will give you the indoor garden of your dreams. But these paper pots go one step further. Victorian Inspired Paper … I no longer have to worry about over-producing or wasting materials; I can make exactly what I need right when I need it without any waste. This is so wrong and I’m kicking myself for not looking into it earlier. 17. Anj: We LOVED mentoring you + helping your business grow during our first Selfmade session. 15 févr. Well, either way, I love them and this whole making things, thing. I swear paper succulents are the new air plants, okay? It's also been awesome when it comes to inventory management and sustainability. Find out 14 such DIY Paper Plant Pots Ideas in this article! One of my favorite shows to watch when I was growing up was "A Different World." What advice do you have for creatives struggling to find their unique voice? Vous retrouverez ainsi dans notre sélection My Little Day, The House that Lars Built, The Apple Of My DIY, la Party Box ainsi que d'autres blogs créatifs. Art, music, books and softball were a big chunk of my childhood. . Each piece is handmade with love (I hope my customers can feel it when they wear their Scotchbonnet accessories)! How To Make Paper Flowers. 2,030 Followers, 1,590 Following, 661 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Rock Paper Plant | DIY Classes (@rockpaperplant) 0 comments. The primary mediums I work with are wood, paint, glass beads and recently brass. Make this paper orchid plant with a printable template and tutorial! The reason it took me so long to make my own newspaper plant pots is that I thought that you needed this special tool. Tracey-Renee: Selfmade helped me understand the importance of having a clear vision and trusting my intuition. Pour vous aider, nous avons sélectionné pour vous sur Pinterest + de 15 DIY pour fabriquer des plantes en papier.

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