Q&A on integrating foreign kids into local public school system, Keeping foreign kids in the school system, Rationality more important than intelligence: IQ tests miss detecting some rational thinking skills totally, Rejoining school system in Japan after time away can be tough. Please click on the links on the right to navigate to pages with specific information. And your education system, despite its problems, is like a breath of fresh air, especially your elementary schools. English translation of ‘The Teaching Guide of the Course of Study for Junior High School Mathematics’(2008) as a guidebook on Japanese curriculum … Choosing which math classes to study can be one of the most challenging parts of planning your high school schedule. homeschooling newsletters. Also, the idea of mastering things in sequence implies the essential nature of a foundation, and Japanese teachers develop such a solid one in primary school that it affects the entire remainder of students’ academic careers. University of Tokyo to introduce quarter system, US college admissions requirements: Q & A, Who Gets In? Couple telling story of kamishibai in U.S. Research shows the “sage lecturer” delivery method is ineffective, Russian School of Mathematics and Kumon methods pick up popularity in the US, Box clever: Singapore’s magic formula for maths success, Singapore Math approach: Challenging Maths Made Easy, US teachers get lessons on Singapore maths, Where to buy your Singapore Math materials, Singapore math – reviews by homeschoolers, Team teaching approach in Japanese schools, The “curriculum of family”: Educating your child for real life, Indian style education gets an A / Emphasis on mental math, computers and English prove popular, The case for phonics-based reading curriculum, U.S. turns to Japanese textbooks to teach math, NY Times on the Kumon tutoring phenomenon, The use of the “Algorithm of Microcycles” method in music education, Tokyo school kids take the role of leaders in class in a new innovative “Manabukku” Method, Tony Buzan’s methods adopted by top UK school, CS Monitor takes a look at the Finnish education system, ZAP policy (Zeroes aren’t permitted): How a school boosts student achievement, Juken senso: Fuel late-night sessions with healthful porridge (Mar.9), Panel of experts including lawyers, doctors and former police officers to deal with ‘monster parents’, 10 Reasons Strong Discipline is Important for Kids, 26% of 14 & 15-yr olds skip breakfast, 22% skip lunch and 10% skip both…says study, Alarm over Japanese teenagers and youths’ potentially imminent AIDS epidemic. There’s actually a simple explanation of how this unbelievable, depressing and mortifying situation came about. The Japanese K-10 syllabus was developed using the Languages K-10 Framework. The following discussion is for China's majority senior high schools (ages from 16 to 18) only. of bullying cases on the rise, Bullying news: Saga city has an anti-bullying policy, Bullying news: School bullying cases dip 19% in 2007 school year, Bullying news: Schools begin psychological testing and edu ministry plans to institute training program to help teachers counter bullying, Bullying news: U.K. and Japan share notes on ways to curb bullying, Bullying Reflects Problems in Adult Society, BULLYING: NHK Asaichi: いじめ対策 大人にできること What adults can do about bullying, Child welfare facilities eyed for a revamp / Government plans to replace large-scale institutions with smaller, cozier, youth-friendly environments, COMPULSORY P.E. Horizons Math (an Alpha Omega curriculum product) 10. Welcome to the curriculum information pages for the West Windsor-Plainsboro Regional School District. It also explains how to develop them in the classroom with illuminating examples. ( Log Out /  Childbirth in Japan: Plan, prioritize for a smooth delivery, CULTURAL CONUNDRUMS / The ins and outs of group thinking, Do you know how to make usagi ringo (rabbit apple) for your kid’s obento, Does your kid have sticky fingers? Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Why enrol your child in a local Japanese school? Daniel Stamm, a retired physics teacher in the US, discusses below the strengths of various math curricula. The news could be framed positively: Japanese elementary and lower secondary students held their own internationally as the curriculum changed. In 1984, approximately 70 percent of all Japanese high school students were enrolled in … ( Log Out /  Imaging Japanese History is an online curriculum designed to enhance students' visual literacy skills, historical thinking skills, and knowledge of Japanese history.Five online modules each provide a case study in the role of art in capturing and conveying human experience. I think the Shoseki is even better than S.M. Here are some considerations…, Danielle Allen on the real cost of college: Every year, college tuition goes up faster than inflation…tuition is no longer a meaningful number…, Cambridge University raises bars for entry to A*AA scores in A levels, Handful of independent schools seize a third of Oxbridge places, BachelorofScience.org — a one page resource with school listings, basic degree information and logistics help on enrolling in BS programs. High school math typically consists of three or four years of required credits along with additionally offered electives. Ichi-ryu daigaku: Top Ranking Universities in Japan, On the changing role and diversifying goals of Todai (Tokyo U. Students in academic high schools typically take three years each of the following subjects: mathematics, social studies, Japanese, science, and English. But this never worked either because of the stage at which I was teaching . Apply to international schools here, I’m sure an opening will come up. The following discussion is for China's majority senior high schools (ages from 16 to 18) only. He was so wrought up in his procedure, which was to move the decimal point three places in some direction, that he ended up saying that two grams equaled 2000 kg! For teachers who want to take a look at how Japan develop mathematical concepts, I strongly recommend that you read the following Teaching Guides for the Japanese Course of Study (the term used for curriculum). Life of Fred offers an approach to math you won't find with any other math program. Brain research, brain-training and brain-boosting article links: Brain science to help teachers get into kids’ heads, How learning about the brain can help you teach or homeschool better…, Constructivism “student-centered learning vs. traditionalism. As all K-10 language syllabuses (2017 and later) are underpinned by this framework, teachers should view resources across all languages to access a broader range of sample scope and … I also tried to develop a sense of quantities in measurement and of the units used to represent them. Believe it or not the same problem exists, Knowing and Teaching Elementary Mathematics. Lower secondary students study Japanese at an accelerated pace. I was a know-it-all, AP/Honors student in high school; I remember the definition of “challenging”. 74,483 danger spots found on roads around public elementary schools, Alcohol-free upbrining is best for a child’s brain development says UK Chief Medical Officer. One is the third grade lesson on weight in the article, “What We Can Learn from Japanese Teachers Manuals”, and the other one a chapter on area, which was sent to me by someone in charge of translating that article, Shin-Ying Lee. [Source: Web-Japan, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, … Currently, Japan’s primary school curriculum is divided into three main categories: compulsory subjects, moral education and special activites. Curriculum in Japanese High Schools I'm a high school student in America who is planning on a foreign exchange trip to Japan next year for around six months. Wild mushrooms / 337 food items exceed levels under new radiation safety standards, “Spiral” Curriculum or Method – A Definition, A miscellany of methods: unschooling, Reggio Emila, objective method & more, A Tokyo high school adopts Task-based Language Teaching method focusing on mastery, over of the conventional method of translating passages into Japanese, Anti-schooling: The hybrid between homeschooling and unschooling, Are you getting on the “brain train” bandwagon. Straight As no guarantee, Fewer Japanese students heading to the US for studies, Firms in Japan getting picky when hiring new graduates, using innovative new hiring techniques, For International Students, College Checklists for February, Forget extra-curricular activities, focus on academic rigour, says Oxford head of admissions, Gakureki shakai: The problems of pyramid-shaped University Ranking System, Gettin’ yer kids into college – Japanese university version, Global recession & graduate job prospects (1), Harvard admissions officer admonishes parents to stop stealing their childhoods, Harvard tries to “makeover” economically unviable image of its classics courses. Education in Japan is compulsory at the elementary and lower secondary levels. Textbook publishers making money and “academics” and bureaucrats accumulating power (and making money). Forest Adventure / “Fôret de l’aventure” in Yamanashi, Chiba Prefectures, Okinawa … in 11 locations around Japan! They just wanted the points, i.e., the grade. Fax (303) 682-7396 Are your kids cola-addicts? As all K-10 language syllabuses (2017 and later) are underpinned by this framework, teachers should view resources across all languages to access a broader range of sample scope and … Posted below with Daniel's kind permission, is his perspective on what works and what's great about the J-math (public school) curriculum. I am currently reading the book (almost finished) and I also strongly recommend it to all elementary school and high school mathematics teachers. Two great articles here …, Why University of Tokyo is at the top of the educational hierarchy, Widening gap between first and second tier universities. Easy Peasy All-in-One High School (8th to 12th) C. The material is taught using a variety of sources and … Kanto International School is a private, co-educational high school with three learning streams: general education, foreign studies and performing arts. You may not agree with me, but I believe that can learn a lot from these documents. Choosing which math classes to study can be one of the most challenging parts of planning your high school schedule. This book is a result of Lesson Studies of the past 50 years in Japan. Education prior to elementary school is provided at kindergartens and day-care centers. There were certain things I tried to do in my teaching, such as illustrating ideas as concretely as possible and sequencing topics correctly or breaking complex topics into simpler ones and mastering each of those in sequence; things that should’ve worked, but never did seem to be that effective. Who can take the high school entrance examination? Thinkwell CD-ROMs: Engaging multimedia video lectures for high school and college math. The Time4Languages online Japanese course features award-winning language learning homeschool content powered by Rosetta Stone® and is made up of 3 levels, each consisting of 4 units.. Time4Languages is a self-teaching program that allows K-12 students to learn at their own pace through engaging lessons. What it takes to have the best school systems. While there is a separate section for AP classes at the bottom of the list, other varying levels of difficulty for the same class, such as \"honors\" or \"introductory\", were not included in order to make reading the list easier.This list’s purpose is to show you all th… The Japanese educational system was reformed after World War II. Getting a haircut in Japan: A survival guide, Guide to surviving yochien (kindergarten) in Japan, Guides for parents on how to build character in their kids. Bob Jones University Press Math. Is education about acquisition of 21st century skills? Japan has the world’s second largest number of shoplifters, Domestic help and babysitting services in Japan. Depression – a simple and quick test in sight, Disaster Prep and What to Do in the Event of Nuclear Emergencies, Dry ear-wax and why Japanese use mimikaki (ear-rakes) to remove it for their children (and themselves), Expanded routine vaccination schedule for children in Japan to include cervical cancer and meningitis, Experts warn of ugly side to makeup for children, Glass of milk a day boosts brain power: study, Govts lift ban on riding bicycles with 2 kids, Guide to surviving a plane crash (Independent news article), Health advisory alert: Schools close as new flu cases on the rise – spread possibly at highschool volleyball match, Health alert! Rubella at 5-yr-high … health ministry calling for the families of pregnant women to request rubella vaccinations a.s.a.p. The Age of Mammals in Japan: After the dinosaurs came the Desmostylians, Thinking about morality and philosophy: rationality, evolution and behavioral science behind moral actions. What would you do if you knew the personality of your child at birth? Comprehensive School Mathematics Program (K to 6th). Currently techno senior maths in Australia but absolutely love Japan and want to teach there. Learning Chinese characters The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology prepares guidelines containing basic outlines of each subject taught in Japanese schools and the objectives and content of teaching in each grade. School’s out! …also re: Milk drinking and fermented drinks and other statistics, Japan digs in its heels in expectation of virulent flu epidemic this winter, Kids are getting hurt more because they are pushed too hard at sports…, Government says “risk of Japanese encephalitis in the country and the role of the vaccine is important.”. Miki’s First Errand and Harry still has the magic! Students in academic high schools typically take three years each of the following subjects: mathematics, social studies, Japanese, science, and English. Seaweed, Miso, Potassium iodine – are these measures effective against radiation poisoning? The updated Ontario curriculum, in combination with a broader range of learning options outside traditional classroom instruction, will enable students to better customize their high school education and improve their prospects for success in school and in life. They actually had been involved in it with John Dewey at the University of Chicago. Professor Dana Mosely has created a full high school math curriculum offered in DVD format with an accompanying textbook. Students are expected to know more about another country than an average native of that country. Designing Your High School Curriculum . Thanks. Article is very nice.Got some glimpse about Japanese education system. Even they had never had a sense of quantities and units developed, the way Japanese elementary school teachers do it with their kids. When does your kid legally turn into an adult? top exam performer / Smaller classes, community ties among factors spurring academic success, In the news: Job-hunters primp themselves to make a good impression in order to land jobs, In the news: Saitama high school to offer classes to university students, In the news: Schools that emphasize calligraphy, form and manners in their curriculum, In the news: Schoolteachers making efforts to help children improve their language writing skills, In the news: Tama Gakuen, Tsukuba High School, Shibuya Makuhari, In the news: University students’ prospects improve; 63% have job offers, In the news: When a Japanese prince goes to school, Increasing number of school focus on teaching aspects of Japanese traditional culture, INDIRECTLY SPEAKING / Textbooks finally showing more of the world, IT and education: On how laptop, tablet computers and the Khan Academy are revolutionizing the way the young learn, Japan’s education ministry approves problematic textbooks, Japan’s teaching on war doesn’t deserve bad press, Japan: Cause of misunderstanding on textbook ‘comfort women’ issue, Japanese education. and Komazawa Park (Setagayaku, Tokyo) in the news, Kitty International Preschool (Todoroki, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo), Kitty International School & Preschool (Meguro-ku, Tokyo), KIU Academy & Kyoto International University (Kyotanabe, Kyoto), Kouzouji Kids Garden Preschool (Kasugai City, Aichi prefecture), Kunitachi Kids International School & Tokyo West International Elementary School (Tachikawa, Tokyo), LCA International School has become LCA Kokusai Elementary School, Learning Trees (various locations, Tokyo), Listing of IB (International Baccalaureate) Schools in Japan, Listing of local schools with English language immersion, English language support or international orientation; schools that welcome returnees; afterschools and Saturday programs for English language support, Listings of schools that support bilingualism or offer bilingual educational programmes, Little Angel’s Academy & Kindergarten (Mitaka-shi, Tokyo), Little Angels International School, Tokyo Chinese School in the news, Little Bear International English Preschool (Fussa City, Tokyo), Little Minds International School (Setagaya-ku, Tokyo), London Bridge International School (Minamiku, Kumamoto), Lucky Duck International School (Sakai City, Osaka), Madowaku Gakuin / Free Stage Madowaku (Hamamatsu, Shizuoka) in the news, Maebashi International Kindergarten (Maebashi City, Gunma), Makuhari International School, Chiba City, Maple Leaf International School (Matsusaka City, Mie Prefecture), Maranatha Baptist Academy (Chibana, Okinawa), Mayosuku English School (Tsuzuki ward, Yokohama City), Meisei Gakuen School for the Deaf – the only private bilingual / bicultural School for the Deaf in Japan, Meme English Garden, and its Tokyo Junior Playhouse all-English youth theatre group, Microcosmos International Preschool and Kindergarten (Toshima-ku, Tokyo), Mini Max International School (Meguro, Tokyo), Mitsui Gardens International Preschool (Minato-ku, Tokyo), Model schools for language immersion programs in Japan: Katoh Gakuin; Gunma Kokusai Academy; Seiko Gakuen; Uji Ritsumeikan High School; Ota Kokusai Academy, Montessori International Schools & Japanese Montessori Schools, Morino Kodomo International School (Sendai, Miyagi prefecture), MPIJ (Maximizing Potential in Japan) – The New School in Town, MSP (Miki Pals Study) International School (Matsuyama City, Ehime), Multiage Education Academy (Hanamigawa-ku, Chiba), Multicultural Free School (Arakawa-ku, Tokyo), Nagoya International School (Moriyama-ku, Nagoya), Nagoya International Senior High School, Nagoya, Naia International Preschool (Edogawa-ku, Tokyo), Nakano International School (Nakano-ku, Tokyo), NAS Kids University (Tokyo) – daycare facility to open international preschool, New Beginning Shimonoseki International Pre-school (Shimonoseki, Yamaguchi Prefecture), New Hope International Preschool (Itabashi-ku, Tokyo) – update, New International School (Ikebukuro, Tokyo), New liberal arts School of Global Studies, Tama University, New World International School (Chofu-city, Tokyo), Nihon Kogakuin College (vocational education) in the news, Niigata Illinois American High School (Nakajo, Niigata) teacher makes news, NPO Corporation Tokyo Kenji-no Gakko Freie Waldorfschule (Tachikawa city, Tokyo), NTA International Preschool (Nagoya city / Shibuya-ku, Tokyo), Oak English Academy (Kashiwa City, Chiba), OGA (Ortiz Global Academy) International School in Aomori prefecture, Ohana International School (Minato-ku, Tokyo), Oita International Preschool (Oita city, Oita Prefecture), Okinawa International School (preschool to elementary) Naha, Okinawa, Okinawa Montessori School (Chatan-cho, Okinawa), Okinawa World Mission Christian School & Aijien Preschool (Nakagusuku-son, Okinawa), Osaka & Senri International Schools to merge with Kwansei Gakuin and change names, Page One International School (Funabashi city, Chiba), PAL International Preschool (Minato-ku, Tokyo), Paradise English School (Nakano-ku, Tokyo), Passport School (in conjunction with American English Preschool of Fukuoka), Peter Pan International Preschool (Kobe, Hyogo), Pocket International School (Setagaya and Suginami wards, Tokyo), POLKU International School (Matsudo-shi, Chiba), Poppins Nursery opening in Minato ward, Tokyo in the news, Prime International School (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo), PTC Pacific International School (Setagaya-ku, Tokyo), Pure English Kindergarten International School (Toda, Saitama), Bilingual Kids International Preschool, Tokyo, RETURNEE SUPPORT & SCHOOLS WITH AN INTERNATIONAL ORIENTATION, Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University (APU), In the news: Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University (APU), Ritsumeikan Uji High School (in Uji, Kyoto) – SELHi immersion program, River City Playgroup (Preschool) (Chuo-ku, Tokyo), Rokkasho International School (Rokkasho village, Aomori prefecture), Royal Kids International School (Nishi-ku, Osaka), S&S Bilingual Education (Hodogaya, Yokohama), Saint Maur International School in the news – An Interview with Glenn Scoggins: Teaching at an International School, Sakura International School (Minato ward, Tokyo), Sakura International School (Osaka, Kyoto and Hyogo prefectures) – preschool to K, Sakura International School (Setagaya ward, Tokyo), Santa Maria International School (Minami-ku, Yokohama), Santa Maria International School (Nerima-ku, Tokyo), Santa Monica International Kids School (Nakagami-gun, Okinawa), School directory update: New Montessori schools added Peter Pan Intl, Frontier Kids, School directory updates: Opening of new Korea International School, Schools for ‘newcomer’ foreigners’ kids number 100, Schools for fashion design: Bunka Gakuen University/Bunka Fashion College and affiliated schools … listings of other fashion schools, Schools that introduce traditional arts: Oedo High School (Koto-ward, Tokyo), Sei Maria Gakuen and Sei Maria Kindergarten (Zushi, Kanagawa), Seikatsudan & the Seikatsudan curriculum offered by Jiyugakuen (the Freedom School), Seta International School; Azabu International School, Seven Seas International School (Minato-ku, Tokyo), Shikahama English Adventures (Adachi-ku, Tokyo), Shin-Ai International Preschool (Sumoto-shi, Hyogo), Shinagawa International School (Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo), Shoto International School (a.k.a. NY Times Review of Steve Jenkins’ “JUST A SECOND A Different Way to Look at Time”, Parenting book review: How to Raise a Child, Publisher offers ‘textbooks’ for Ghibli anime, Readings on the Japanese Education System, Recommended Reads: The Great Cake Mystery: Precious Ramotswe’s Very First Case: A Number 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency Book for Young Readers, Resources on the art of note-taking in Japanese education, Reviews: Yokai Attack! Rubella [German measles] outbreak spreading quickly, Saving children from internet addiction in Japan, Sex crime offenders now targeting kids and youths on online profile and social networking sites, Sleep-Deprived Kids May Be at Risk for Childhood Obesity, Smoking mums endanger kids more than smoking dads do, Yomiuri Shimbun reports, Footy soccer and Futsal programs for kids, Surveys showed 13-20% of Japanese school students have depressive tendencies, Tainted Lotte Koala biscuits and Nissin cup noodles in the news, Take extra precautions if your child’s school or evacuation centre lies over an active fault, Testing your kid for colorblindness (The Ishihara Test for Colorblindness). Genki – Genki is an integrated course in Japanese available on Amazon. I’ve tried to make our high school academically rigorous, though I have done it … As someone who worked in Japan, as Professor of Australian Studies at the University of Tokyo (2004-2005) you may all be interested in this link to an article I’ve written: http://theconversation.com/its-time-we-draft-aussie-rules-to-tackle-indigenous-mathematics-15032…‎, http://theconversation.com/profiles/christine-nicholls-34254/profile_bio.

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