Condition Year info. At this power setting, we were told, the Commander 115TC could cruise for some 670 nm and land with IFR reserves. Usable Oil – 8 qts. Interested in buying this aircraft click here. Backseat passengers will appreciate the increased legroom, made possible by a redesign of the seat cushioning. And yes, the TKS equipment — colloquially known as the weeping wing system — is certified for flight into known icing conditions. Model 112 (2) 114B (2) Show all. Designed and built by Rockwell International in the 1970s, the Commander 114 is a variant of the Rockwell Commander 112 which is an American four seat cabin, single piston engine monoplane. As for airframe improvements, Commander 115s sport new, electrically actuated cowl flaps that have an in-trail position. For that matter, all the Commander 115's options are factory certified. No warranty of The Rockwell Commander 112 and 114 are superior, retractable undercarriage light flying machine. The electrically operated, R-134A air conditioning system ($19,500) has been offered for several years and is still high on the priority list of owners based in warmer climates, but the new TKS system — even at $48,500 — is installed, on average, in two new airplanes per year, and has been retrofitted on eight others. You simply shove the throttle all the way forward, and the wastegate automatically keeps the manifold pressure just a hair below redline. Flight planning or any other aircraft operations should only be done using official technical information provided Get the latest news on coronavirus impacts on general aviation, including what AOPA is doing to protect GA, event cancellations, advice for pilots to protect themselves, and more. In the weather avoidance department, you can have one of BFGoodrich's Stormscopes, or an Insight Strikefinder. For more than 40 years, the Commander aircraft has continually set the benchmark for design, quality, safety, and value. Die Rockwell Commander 112 ist ein einmotoriges, viersitziges Kleinflugzeug des US-amerikanischen Herstellers Rockwell, das ab 1972 gebaut wurde.Im Jahr 1976 stellte Rockwell die turboaufgeladene Version 112TC und die mit einem größeren Triebwerk und anderen kleineren Verbesserungen ausgestattete Rockwell Commander 114 vor. 2008 gab es Überlegungen, die Commander Serie unter den Ziffern 115 TC und 115 AT neu zu beleben. Simply adjust power for 80 knots on final, put out the rest of the flaps, bleed off airspeed as you come into ground effect, and then raise the nose ever so slightly for consistently pleasing greasers. A pilot and one or maybe two others, plus bags for a three-day trip, is more like it. "Safety, Quality, High standard, Luxurious first class comfort, Exceptional design" is Commander. Commander 112 Series Aircraft Information. It is … For more information, contact Commander Aircraft Company, Wiley Post Airport, 7200 Northwest 63rd Street, Bethany, Oklahoma 73008; telephone 405/495-8080; fax 405/495-8383; or visit the Web site ( This makes it easy for customers to custom-design their instrument panels without having to go through the hassle of obtaining one supplemental type certificate (STC) here, another STC there, for each black box on his or her wish list. You bet. Buy and sell planes and helicopters online at At the time (somewhere around 1972) North American Rockwell remained true to its military contract experience and built big airplane touches into the small Commanders. From its beginnings as a general aviation branch of Rockwell International in 1972, through its tenure as part of Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation, and since its sale to CAC, the Commander line has carried on a tradition of comfort, quality construction, and capability. Fuel – 70 Gals. ©2020 Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association, McCauley, three-blade, 77-in dia, constant-speed. Commander singles have an impressive safety and maintenance record, too. Compared to some other piston singles that's not much. Commander Aircraft Company incorporated in 1988, resulting new developed Commander 114B (since 1992) and turbocharged 114TC (since 1995). Likewise, its interior volume is closer to that of a cabin-class twin than other four-seat singles. We specialize in everything Commander: from inspections, to maintenance, to Service Kits, to exciting modifications to improve the capability of the fantastic Type AC11 airplanes manufactured by Rockwell in the ‘70’s and then by Commander Aircraft. Neben dieser Commander 112A von Rockwell finden Sie viele weitere neue und gebrauchte Motorflugzeuge bei Since 1992, there have been no airframe-related airworthiness directives (ADs). In 2000, Commander replaced the 114 models with the 115 and 115TC. The 115s represent yet another step in the evolution of a fine airplane, and a company that's built a reputation of excellent one-on-one relationships with its current and prospective customers. Subtract the weight of a 90-gallon top-off and you're left with some 440 pounds of carrying power. The latest refinement to the basic Commander 114 design came in January 2000 with the introduction of the new Commander 115 (type designator: AC-11) series.

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